Down to the wire

There was a ton of work for these two weeks and I had two major problems: my internet quit at my house and I would have no internet where I was going for Thanksgiving. So all of this work was essentially done in two days as I sat in a room at the Convergence Center wanting to do anything else. But it is now done.

I wrote a funny turn of a writing prompt for my first daily create. I also posted a photo of some drawn shoes for the shoefie daily create. For the second week I did the caption an unsplash photo daily create. For my last daily create I took a picture of cool leaves of a plant for the creative with leaves assignment.

I did my first assignment on my favorite music currently and made an 11-second mashup of a few songs. My second assignment focused on the Wire and I took the Omar fight scene from episode 7 and put laughter behind it to make it inappropriate. My last mashup assignment was to make a movie poster converging The Hunger Games and Divergent.

My remix took a while, but I came out with a pretty interesting fusion of Interstellar and Wall-e in a new movie trailer of my own making.

For my final project on Bunk, I had him make six stars worth of assignments. His first was a visual assignment of a wanted poster for McNulty. I had Bunk do a writing assignment and make a police report based on a song. His last assignment was to make a design assignment about himself.

My episode summaries of the Wire are here.

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