The Divergent Games


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This is my last mashup assignment for the movie mashup prompt. I mixed together Divergent and the Hunger Games because a lot of people say Divergent is just the new Hunger Games. I spent a lot of time on Photoshop to make this poster. First, I collected a few posters from each film. I thought the Divergent poster would be a good one to work off of, but I wanted to include Katniss, so I found a good picture of her. I cut her face out on Photoshop with the magic lasso tool and then placed her so she just peeks into the photo. I also found a good photo of the Divergent faction symbols and wanted to add the mockingjay symbol as well. For all of these I just found photos of them on a white background and cropped each one, placing it on the Divergent poster afterward. Finally, I cut the word “games” out of the same photo I got Katniss from. It was not too hard overall, but it took time to get right.



2 thoughts on “The Divergent Games

  1. How did you make it specifically? Can you take us through some of the details? Part of a solid assignment write-up is details about what and how you did it.

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