A cover for the ages

Wuthering Hieghts

I am currently taking a Gothic Literature course and reading Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. When I saw the book cover assignment I was immediately thinking of this novel and how to come up with a cover for it. I have many different versions of the book that I have shared here, but I wanted mine to look a bit more modern.

The first time I made my book cover I used canva.com, but after looking at it all day I was not sure I liked it. Professor Groom suggested I look at some other fonts from dafont.com, but I wanted to completely redo the cover. I went into the newspaper office to take advantage of Photoshop and played around a bit. I got some training help from my friend on the newspaper.

I downloaded a new photo of a gravestone with less visible font on it to Photoshop, then I played around with some dafont texts and downloaded them. I used ‘Creative Chalk” for the title and “Tomb 2013″ for the different names on the gravestone. I definitely think it looks better now and is a bit more modern and creepy, which is what I wanted in the first place. I’m glad I changed it from this:

Book Cover


My physical copies/collection:

Wuthering 2


Wuthering 3


Obviously there are many different covers for the novel because it is so widely read and interpreted. For anyone unfamiliar with Wuthering Heights, it is an extremely naturalistic novel that takes place in the Moors of Dartmoor, England. It is a story depicting the extremely selfish and intense love/revenge of a woman named Catherine and a man named Heathcliff who haveknown eah other since childhood.

I won’t go into too much detail because everyone should read it, but in the first chapters of the novel a man finds writings from when Catherine was a child. She has written “Catherine Earnshaw,” “Catherine Heathcliff” and “Catherine Linton.” All three are different names that somehow work in the novel, though I will not say how. These names have much importance to the plot and the idea of repetition/circling in the novel and so I pulled them out and put them on the front of a gravestone (I’ll leave that as a hint to possible readers).

I like my version as it is both vague and foreshadowing, and it was really easy to make through canva.com, where I uploaded a photo from the site and wrote over it. I had trouble finding the perfect gravestone, but I think the one I chose works best.



4 thoughts on “A cover for the ages

  1. Would love to see you work a bit harder on the text/font for the cover of this one. Check out sites like Dafont (http://www.dafont.com/) to [push this to the next level. Also, consider font for the tombstone as well that might fit. The world of design is awesome, embrace it ;)

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